Rotogravure Printing Machine

Lumipack is equipped with 9 Colors printing machine with standards of highest accuracy and operated by our operators who had been experienced more than 30 years in its field. We are able to handle high complexity designs, supported with very accurate register control to produce superior printing quality.

Dry Lamination Machine

Powered by the latest technology to minimize problems that often occurred in the lamination process, and also provide ideal bonding strength for each product. Lumipack lamination technology will always give the good consistency quality and good adhesive force.

Bag Making Machine

We can produce various kind of bag / pouch innovations and our experienced engineer and operator will always control the quality of each product manufactured so that our customers will have a smooth and seamless production process.

Extrusion Machine

Supported by our experienced operators and high accuracy machines, we are able to produce a lamination with a superb quality and equal thickness.

Slitting Machine

We pay great attention to the hygiene factor of each products that we produce. Our slitting process runs in the clean room environment with positive air pressure in order to prevent microbes contamination.

Blown Film Machine

We have a multi-layer Blown Film machine to produce a consistent quality product with a composition according to the needs of our customers and also to shorten the delivery time to the customer.

Quality Control Lab

We put a high priority on the quality of the products we produce, therefore we are willing to invest for all the quality control equipment - Laboratory equipments for measuring Bonding Strength, Tensile stregth, COF, OTR, Sealing and others to ensure that our production is appropriate and exceeds the standards required by our customers.